- Assemblea delle Donne per lo Sviluppo e la Lotta all Esclusione Sociale
Associazione di ricercatrici in ambito sociale, senza fini di lucro

Titolo : Archive Completed Projects and Activities

Projects carried out by ASDO
All the active links show the materials of the relative projects

Towards Women in Science and Technology (TWIST) 2010-2011

Women's careers hitting the target: gender management in scientific and technological research (WHIST)2009-2010

Practising Gender Equality in Science (PRAGES)2008-2009

Women and Leadership (RADEL) 2006-2007

Women and Politics (RADEP) 2005-2007

Work and Family (RALFA)2004

Women and Knowledge (RADEC) 2003-2004

Educational Project for a Children's Club 2003

Skills Screening )RASC) 2002

Internships (RAINT) 2002

Women for Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building (Benguela) 2000-2002

Action Research on a New Balance between Work and Family Life in Uruguay 2001-2002

Handbook for Education Service Management

European Observatory on Best Practices to Remove the Glass Ceiling(Leadership femminile) 2000-2001

Gender and Development in Argentina 2000-2001

Women and Entrepreneurship (RADI)1998-2000

Gender and Immigration (RAGI) 1998-2000

Research on Gender and Occupation 1998-1999 (RAGEP)

Women and Social Risks in the Metropolitan Area of Dakar 1998

Women and Women's Organisations in Conflict Resolution and in Supporting Vulnerable Groups in the Province of Huambo (Angola) 1998

Employment, Family and Community Activity: a New Balance for Men and Women (CEE Dublino) 1998-2001

Public Communication Campaign on the Rome Charter 1997

On–going Training on Equal Opportunities between Men and Women in Small and Medium'sized European Enterprises 1997

Women and Decision Making in Italy 1995-1996

Sharing of Childcare Responsibilities between Men and Women (Child Care) 1995

Women Community Entrepreneurs (RAIC) 1994 and 1995

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