The project TWIST – Towards Women In Science and Technology ( – is funded by the European Commission, DG Research within the Seventh Framework Research Programme.


The project is grounded in the awareness that the neglect of the gender dimension of research has implied that the share of women in research is extremely low in all European and associated countries. Throughout Europe there is a fear that interest in science and technology is declining, at the same time as demands for science and technology graduates grows.


The TWIST project addresses this challenge with an ambitious programme of coordinated activities to raise awareness on the role and representation of women in science and technology throughout science centres and museums in Europe. The project targets young people and their teachers and parents, as well as the general public. It focuses on the outdated stereotypes and prejudices on societal roles for men and women and career paths.


Activities involve the creation of an exhibition in several European science centres, ignite on-going discussions among citizens, interactive drama, teacher training, scientist speed-dating and much more, trying to test, new ways of focusing on the most relevant gender issues in each country.


Summarising, among the activities carried out so far in the framework of the project, the following can be mentioned.

Info on the other activities of the project are available at: